Both the versatility and durability of plastics makes it a commonly used material, but causes growing environmental problems and concerns. The newly established research platform PLENTY investigates the global plastic pollution by assessing the environmental impact of plastics and the societal perception of plastics in daily life. We aim to effectively link the environmental and socioecological aspects on the fate of plastics in our environment.

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Our PhD Charlotte Henkel published a new research article "The leaching of phthalates from PVC can be determined with an infinite sink approach"


In October and November 2019 we are organizing citizen discussion groups about the role of plastics and microplastics in our society.


Public Lecture

Gerhard J. Herndl spricht im Planetarium (Kuffner und Urania Sternwarte, Oswald Thomas Platz 1, 1020 Wien) am Mittwoch, 12.12. um 19 Uhr